poems in print

Single Volumes

         Permanent and Wonderful Storage    (Seven Kitchens Press, 2019)

         The Egg Goes Under    (Seven Kitchens Press, 2017)


2 Bridges Review    [“Shudder to Think”]

The American Poetry Journal    [“Local Celebrity”]

Apt    [“Spilling My Guts,” “Well”]

The Associative Press    [“Song in Which the Loved Ones are Voluminous and Fragile”]

Blue Mesa Review    [“Even a Glacier is a Rolling Thing”]

Burnside Review    [“Waste”]

burntdistrict    [“Long Gone is the Anonymity of Cash,” “Your Name is One of the Yellow Ones”]

Cimarron Review  [“The Elevator”]

Circle Show [“Key West”]

Colorado Review    [“Things Where Things are Not”]

Columbia: a Journal of the Arts    [“Occam’s Razor”]

Crab Creek Review    [“Bulrushes,” “Is to Cowardice, Is to Grace”]

Cream City Review    [“Polite Conversation”]

CutBank    [“Render”]

Denver Quarterly    46.4 [“The Smell of the Lamb,” “Swimming Indoors”]    48.4 [“Feedback”]  52.3 [“Narcissistikiss”]

Dunes Review [“Shroud”]

Ellipsis    [“Papal, Alchemical”]

Existere    [“Double Yellow,” “Striking the Set,” and “Blizzard with Remission”]

The Fiddlehead    [“No Accident,” “Set Sail”]

Fifth Wednesday Journal    [“Propriety”]

Gargoyle    [“Catastatic”]

Great Lakes Review   [“All the Way in Charlevoix”]

Harpur Palate    [“Leaving Home”]

Isthmus [“Permanent and Wonderful Storage,” “See/Saw”]

Juked    [“The Usher”]

The Journal    [“Breather,” “In Shallows”]

Lake Effect    [“Gratitude”]

The Laurel Review    [“With My Part Time Machine I can Go on a Little Vacation”]

LUMINA    [“Halloween”]

Mantis [“Dry Spell,” “Crop Circles,” “Catalog the Bones”]

Owen Wister Review [“On This Pillow-face Remains a Map”]

[“Hope Makes a Fine Breakfast”]

[“Just Now,” “Since the Womb”]

Phoebe    [“A Dial Tone,” “Nets”]

The Pinch [“Nostalgia is a Wet Cloth on the Face,” “A Vow”]

Potomac Review    [“No Longer Tell the Crumb from Its Shadow”]

Puerto del Sol [“Light Pollution,” “Integrity”]

Qwerty [“Mistakes in Passing,” “The Musician”]

Salamander    [“Cells,” “A Shoreline Negotiable”]

Saltwater Quarterly    [“I Didn’t Ask for this Weird Altar“]

Sierra Nevada Review    [“Overnights”]

Sugar House Review    [“Forgiveness”]

Sycamore Review    [“The Black Ducks”]

TAMMY  [“Bank of America,” “Twin Deputies of Chance and Ire”] (coming soon)

Tule Review   [“First Moments of String in a Kite”]

Washington Square    [“An Arranged Marriage,” “The Nature of My Condition”]

Wisconsin Review  [“Etudient”]

Western Humanities Review  [“Scalar Landscape”]

Yemassee    [“The Shooting Gallery”]


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