points of interest

Coffeehouse Culture:

Gaudio, R. (2003).  “Coffeetalk: Starbucks and the Commercialization of Casual Conversation.”  Language in Society 32 (5) 659-691.

Manning, P. (2008).  “Barista Rants About Stupid Customers at Starbucks: What Imaginary Conversations can Teach Us About Real Ones.”  Language & Communication 28 101-126.

Thompson, C.J. & Arsel, Z. (2004).  The Starbucks Brandscape and the Discursive Mapping of Local Coffee Shop Cultures. University of Wisconsin–Madison, Department of Marketing. Journal of Consumer Research.

Drag Performance:

Barrett, R. (1999)  “Indexing Polyphonous Identity in the Speech of African American Drag Queens.”  Reinventing Indentities: the Gendered Self in Discourse, 313-331.

Barrett, R. (1998)  “Markedness and Styleswitching in Performances by African american Drag Queens.”  In Codes and Consequences: Choosing Linguistic Varieties, 139-161.

(More soon…)


Andree, P. (2008)  “The Biopolitics of Genetically Modified Organisms in Canada.”  Journal of Canadian Studies 37 #3, 162-191.


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