poems online

Adroit Journal [“Against the Body’s Blue Unwield“]

AMP [“Speaking Parts,” “Where I’m Coming From,” “Etymology,” “Antiques”]

Anti-    [“Seeing Things,” “The Window for the World Beyond”]

Barely South Review  [“Desperate Orders”]

Barnstorm    [“Banquet,” “Block Party”]

Blackbox Manifold  [“Letter of Allowance,” “A Holiday,” “In Due Time,” and “Price Check”]

Black Tongue Review [“Our Beards Sway Like Lanterns Made of Moss,” “Meteorite”]

Bodega Magazine [“Roll”]

Breakwater Review    [“The White Elephant”]

Cerise Press    [“Thanksgiving,” “Popular History”]

Cheat River Review [“Though Power Sheds a Polish, Don’t Dawdle with the Hawks”]

Citron Review  [“As Far as Hawks Go”]

Cleaver Magazine [“Natural Selection”]

Cleveland Review    [“Knowledge Out of Nowhere”]

Connotation Press    [“The Shark,” “Infidelity,” and “The Nurse”]

Cortland Review [“A Place in My Heart with Birds, Amerced”]

decomP magazinE [“To the Quicksand of Socket and Release”]

DIAGRAM    [“A Nominal Bridge”]

Drunken Boat  [“Ceteris Paribus”]

elimae    [“The One Armed Man is Waving”]

EOAGH    [“Flints,” “Letter of Allowance”]

The Fiddleback    [“The Soup to Boil”]

Five [Quarterly] Blog [“Tender”]

Glitter Tongue    [“Mercury Fields”]

Great Lakes Review  [“All the Way in Charlevoix”]

Hobart [“Alogy,” “Rutabaga, Rutabaga”]

Horse Less Review    [“The Kiss,” “Scar in the Shape of Canoe,” “Who Will Arrest Me When I’m Lonely?”]

Hot Metal Bridge    [“Valentine’s Day”]

Innisfree Poetry Journal  [“Doves”]

jmww  [“The Cant is Barb of Stars and Twisted,” “Consider the Sunset from the Sun’s Point of View,” “Fossil,” and “Salut”]

Modern Poetry Quarterly Review  [“L-M-N-O-P,” “Solitude More than Any Other Style Keeps the Time Exactly,” and “To the Sky His Druzy Forehead”]

Pacifica Literary Review  [“Sugar Blizzard of the Wishful Thought”]

The Pedestal Magazine  [“Chastity”]

The Pinch    [“From the Courtyard”]

Posit  [“In a Minute,” and “In a Mouth”]

The Puritan    [“Deja Vu,” “You Alone Must Deliver the Message”]

Right Hand Pointing    [“Self Portrait in Nebraska,” “Coming Home”]

similar:peaks::    [“On June 27th Build the Face,” “Mariposa in the Festival of Snoozes,” “Seamark of the Utmost Sail,” “With Ontology, Sure”]

Sixth Finch    [“Groceries”]

So and So    [“After So and So”]

SOFTBLOW    [“Radio,” “Show of Hands,” “Sleeping Alone,” and “Still Life Without Help”]

The Stardust Gazette  [“Business as Usual”]

Stickman Review    [“Historiography,” “In the Bush”]

Stone Highway Review    [“The Gambler”]

SuperArrow    [“Before Dinner,” “After Dinner”]

Superstition Review    [“Bearings,” “Between Mercies,” and “Next of Kin”]

Switchback    [“Tournamonde,” “The Yellow Names”]

Sycamore Review (audio only–24.1)    [“The Black Ducks”]

Thrush    [“The Hostage is Ungenerous”]

Tinderbox  [“Working Memory”]

Tinge    [“Both When I’m Alone and When We Both are”]

Transom    [“There is No Lake”]

Verse Daily    [“Breather”]

Vinyl Poetry    [“Monticello”]

Virietis  [“If Your Crystal Ankle Meets the Hammer Handle of Your Shin,” “If I Said Kettle to a Point Where Only You Could Hear It,” and “Where I’m Coming From”] (coming soon)

Waccamaw  [“Nom”]

White Whale Review    [“Jollyboats”]


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